EVERYTHING YOU NEED and a little something more

immersive installation, lightboxes, shelvings, 2019

the installation reproduces the structure of the warehouse, the point of issue of the online store, with meta-goods. Instead of the usual goods on the shelves are stored lightboxes made of boxes of consumer goods, from various equipment that we buy, give each other. Drawings on the boxes are just a translation of the image from the cover

of the box.

Installation - It is a place that is both the point of issue, the point of purchase of goods and the point of waiting.

A place for nostalgia for goods that do not exist, a place for contemplation of the image of the goods, packaging. 

The goods, from which remains only the image and the glow of the bedside lamp. 

The name “everything you need and a little more” explains this work entirely in the global world of retail outlets and consumption.

show in studio GARAGE Museum, Moscow, 2019 

show in ROVESNIK bar, Moscow, 2020