Vasya, Get Up!

video,  2018

In the video performance by Anastasiya Kuzmina ‘Vasya, Get up!’ there is the deep tradition of the addressing to the memorial, the cultural memory that unites us, all the generations in one structure, in the organic chain in which the whole our life triumphs. The artist applies to the monument to Vasily Shukshin as if it is a live person. In the same way Mayakovsky applied to Pushkin and the poet Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov communicated with Moscow monuments to Dostoevsky and Gogol. In the performative action ‘Vasya, Get Up!’ Anastasiya Kuzmina strives to revive the monument with the magic exclamations as if she calls for it for help conjuring and meditating on his image…

The project was filmed in the residence in the village Srostki on Vasily Shukshin’s motherland for the project ‘Shukshin. The Hero’s Palette’.