Vasya, Get Up!

video,  2018

There is an irony in the “Vasya, get up!” video performance, through which the old tradition of the Altai region (Russia) and shamanism to address the ancestors, the world of the dead, cultural memory that connects all generations into a single structure, into an organic chain, is being used. 


The artist refers to the monument of the director and screenwriter Vasily Shukshin as a living person, just as the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky referred to Pushkin, and the poet Dmitry Prigov communicated with the monuments to Dostoevsky and Gogol which both are located in Moscow. In the performative action “Vasya, Get Up!” with her magical exclamations Anastasia strove to bring the monument to life, as if summoning it for help, conjuring up and meditating on its image. Thus we see an attempt at intergenerational continuity in the literal and figurative sense.


The project was shot at the residence in the village of Srostki, the birthplace of Vasily Shukshin for the project “Shukshin. Hero's Palette”.