multimedia installation in collaboration with Nadya Grishina, 2018

"Twinarium" project by artists Nadia Grishina and Nastya Kuzmina is not a reflection and not even a study in the usual and already tiring understanding, and this alone is captivating.


Before us is an exhibition of honest art, which does not happen so often. This art still cannot get rid of difficult topics and sharp corners, but presents them in a format that leaves room for distance, rather than requiring the viewer to make a panic decision on a particular issue under fear of social ostracism or existential horror. Adulthood and sexuality, jealousy and permissiveness are the main points on which artists express themselves literally with their own bodies, transformed into images of varying degrees of recognition. The works are devoid of linear narration and rather represent associative visual flashes, a kind of moodboard or advertising campaign of a fashion brand on city formats.


There is an unbearable desire to say "post-Internet" while speaking about "Twinarium", but it will be a mistake. The visuality of this project relates to digital dualism, because the basis of imagery lies in a very specific physicality, which then, being modified according to the laws of the new digital reality, is shown as if it was taken from the global network space and photo editors.


Neo-Baroque punk celebration, which unfolds in front of the audience, can be called "Daisies 2.0". In this masterpiece of Věra Chytilová, two young girls beat the rules of morality and the structure of the Soviet universe, but then they bear responsibility for that, since they became “bad.” The same thing happens here, except for the finale. Part of this responsibility has already been sewn into the canvas of the project, and we hope that there will be no other. After all, the words “This world is going to hell” and “We are young, and there is a whole life ahead” could have become the epigraph of "Twinarium".





video 6'


small chest, the object, mixed ,media