documentation of performance

video for the performance, part of 3 hours video


performance in collaboration with a sound artist Andrey Guryanov,

3 hours


”Abyss” is a series of performances based on a vocal transcription of the technogenic landscape. The first three-hour performance took place at the Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia) in May 2017 and at the ZIL Cultural Centre (Moscow, Russia) in June 2018. The performance featured 5 performers. The video projection served as the score for them.


We refer to highly structured, automatic environments where humans are engaged. This might be a seaside setting with moving ships and lighthouses or an airport with an airstrip and technical vehicles.


The performer sings through this space, experiencing its virtuality with the body and in a fact merging with it, becoming a consequence of it. The space which is itself a product of a functional necessity becomes a cause for a performative reaction. This reverse communication is horrifying. By capturing the video image and by decoding it vocally at the same time, the viewer is invited to experience space beyond visibility and correlate this experience to their everyday experience.


The important thing is that the Abyss has a borderline form between performance and installation. It creates an extended experience of time for the performers and a continuous event for the viewers.

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