documentation of performance

video for the performance, part of 3 hours video


performance (in collaboration with Andrey Guryanov), 3 hours


‘Abyss’ is a series of performances based on vocal transcription of technogenic landscapes.

The first performance lasted three hours and took place at Triumph Gallery in Moscow in May 2017.

Five performers participated in it by reading a video projection as a musical score.


Consciously or not we experience our subordinate position inside the complex reality we live in.

Our existence is integrated in a generative informational space and the information we perceive is often brought by non-human forces. Our impulses, decisions and wishes are no longer necessary.

The choice becomes a reaction, while reaction replaces the choice.


We appeal to organised automated spaces in which man is directly involved. A seashore line dotted with lighthouses and marine traffic or an airfield with technical transport moving, planes landing and taking off

serve as such spaces and provide a landscape.


Performer sings this landscape treating it as an open score and embodies that space by becoming its consequence, its result. The space that is by itself a result and a consequence of functional activity becomes

a primary matter for performer. This reversed connection has a certain uncanny feel within it.

‘Abyss’ is a piece on the border of performance and installation, it builds a durational existential experience for performers and a sensation of infinite duration for the audience.

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