When a Comet Comes

Series of video portraits, sound-installation, lightbox, 2018

In the series of the video portraits of Shukshin’s village dwellers which combined with animals the artist continues her searches of the unity of the people with the environing reality. In these compositions the phenomenon of a grand portrait revives, in this case the animal brings the image of the heroic, main essence of the human personality. The dramaturgy of the artistic statement by Anastasia Kuzmina is pierced with the idea and meaning of the significance of the people’s mission of the conservation of the world on the planet Earth. Actually, the artist’s works can be considered as the peculiar manifestation and the epigraph of the whole project.

The project was filmed in the residence in the village Srostki on Vasily Shukshin’s motherland for the project ‘Shukshin. The Hero’s Palette’.