Nastya Kuzmina (b.1989) is a multimedia artist who works with video art, performance, and video installation.

The focus of her interest is the dynamism of modern everyday life, irrepressible consumption, and the transformation of memory in the era of digital society. She explores the body's possibilities (also by means of dance) and is engaged in searching for and developing her own visual language. She creates projects in which she appeals

to viewers and their emotional experiences. 


Based and works in Paris


2016 - The education program in contemporary dance and performance «SOTA»; GARAGE, Moscow, Russia

2011/14 - The Rodchenko Art School, workclass Sergey Bratkov, «Photography Sculpture Video», Moscow, Russia

2008/09 - School of photojournalism at Izvestia Publishing House Moscow, Russia

2006/ 11 - The Moscow state university of design and technology (MGTU), Moscow, Russia



2020 - grant from Museum of Contemporary art  "GARAGE", Moscow, Russia

2019 - “Innovation” Award short list, Moscow, Russia

2016 - prize for young artists, winner of the Credit Suisse art-fair Cosmoscow, Moscow, Russia

2014 - grant from Museum of Contemporary art "GARAGE" Moscow, Russia



2022 - La Pratique, Vatan, France

2022 - Performing Art Forum (PAF), st. Erme, France
2021 - laboratory Black cube / White box, Meyerhold Center, Moscow, Russia

2019 - Studios Museum Garage, Moscow, Russia

2017 - STANTSIA art venue. Kostroma, Russia

2015 - KulturKontakt, Salzburg, Austria

2015 - The 9th International Simposium "ALANICA", Vladikavkaz, Russia

2013 - EESAB de Rennes, Rennes, France

2012 - art residence Nikola Lenivets, "Local/Universal", Kaluga Oblast, Russia

2012 - summer-school "Three injections" by Evgeniya Kikodze, Moscow, Russia

Solo shows:

2021 - «On the other side», Electrozavod gallery, Moscow, Russia

2019 - «Double blind», Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2018 - «Twinarium», CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

2018 - «Abyss. Part 2», performance, ZIL Center, Moscow, Russia

2017 - «Search engine Malik», SIDUR MUSEUM, Moscow, Russia

2017 - «Abyss», performance, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia


Selected group exhibitions:

2022 - Stop Wars, Magasins généraux, Paris

2022 - “Disparitions”, L'atelier des artistes en exil, Paris, France

2021 - “Reliving space”, Gallery 30/7, Moscow, Russia

2020 - “State of Emergency”, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2019 - Studios Museum Garage, Moscow, Russia 

2019 - INNOVATION AWARD, Arsenal, Nijnii Novgorod, Russiа

2018 - "Paradoxical hybrids", Electromuseum, Moscow; Hlebozavod, Vladivostok, Russia 

2016 - "Experiences of the Imaginary", with support of GARAGE, New Holland, 

St. Petersburg, Russia 

2016 - "Rodchenko Art School. 10 Years", MAMM, Moscow, Russia

2016 - "Young Blood", Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2016 - The SOTA@GARAGE performance festival, GARAGE, Moscow, Russia 

2015 - "Rodchenko school. Generation Next", MAMM, Moscow, Russia

2015 - "New codes of arts", Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia 

2014 - "Great Expectations", “Manege”, Moscow, Russia

2014 - "BAROCCO", Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014 - "Landscapes", gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia

2013 - "DALI", CTI Factory, Moscow, Russia

2013 - "VDNH 28/10", EESAB de Rennes, France  

2013 - “Stability. Ghosts”, Random Gallery, Moscow, Russia  

2013 - Exhibition Kandinsky Prize 2013, k/t Udarnik, Moscow, Russia  

2013 - “What is behind this curtain?”, Random Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2012 - “Closed for renovation” Student ArtProm 2012, ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia 

Selected festivals and biennale:

2020 - XVIII International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire", Moscow, Russia

2019 - Microbiennale of Horizontal Initiatives, Moscow, Russia 

2018 - International Video Art Festival NOW&AFTER, Artplay, Moscow, Russia

2017 - International Kansk Video Festival, Kansk, Moscow, Russia 

2017 - All the World's a Display II, Veinti4/Siete Galería, Costa Rica 

2017 - "A plant", Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany

2017 - "Moving Movie", New Space of the Theatre of Nations, Moscow, Russia 

2015 - Now&After International Video Art Festival, Schusev State Museum of  Architecture, Moscow, Russia

2015 - VIII Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival “The MIRROR”, Ivanovo, Russia

2014 - "Not Museum", parallel events Manifesta 10, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013 - VIII Moscow photobiennale, ММОМА, Moscow, Russia

2012 - "Inconclusive analysis". Strategic project III Moscow international biennale, Moscow, Russia


2022 - agency of artist in exile, Paris, France

2017/ 20 - Experimental field, Moscow region, Russia

2018 - member of ShShSh Collective, Moscow, Russia

2018 - member of TWIN group, Moscow, Russia

2010 - member of Russia’s Photographers Union, Moscow, Russia


2018 - "Twinarium" with artist N.Grishina, Moscow Russia
2017 - “Abyss” with sound-artist A.Guryanov, Moscow, Russia
2017 - "Original choice", (M.Orlova, L.Spivakovskaya), Moscow, Russia

2016 - the group entity performers and dancers "Second edition", Moscow, Russia

2015 - audio-visual trio “LICHNA NEGA” (A. Guryanov, F. Mikenskii), Moscow, Russia

2014 - "The piece" with artist N.Grishina, Moscow, Russia

2013 - installation "The Loop", (I. Tsychanskaya), Moscow, Russia

Work experience and publications:

2020-2021 - author and teacher of video art course at Educational center Sreda Obucheniya, Moscow, Russia

2020-2021 - teacher of video art course (together with Sergey Bratkov) at Rodchenko School, Moscow, Russia