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screenshoot of videodocumentation, 2012


performance, 2012

"I gathered over the years of unnecessary things. Laying them out before me, I began to pull them on, one after another, gradually turning into a living sculpture. When I was wearing last thing, I sat down and began cutting away the layers of clothes, freeing his body from the knot. Obsession with things, obsession this the number of, chromaticity, tactility - it's like a disease, this is the most acceptable form of intensity of society. You take one a couple of minutes I want to another, eyes burning , riveting look new and unique things.

Their change is instantaneous: the old to the new , new on even more new. You cheat, your body acquires new layers, becoming one of the storage system turns in the build-up. So filled inner emptiness.The desire to possess a thing became a catalyst for feelings, emptiness creates the need, the need to meet the demands.

Your sensitiveness is growing inside you, trying to break through. Your sensitiveness is only an integral part of the culture of consumption."


For this performance I have collected old things and clothes, which accumulate over the years and become unnecessary.

Spreading them in front of itself, I started to pull one by one thing, gradually turning into multilayer a living subject. When I wore last thing, started the release stage of the body of the created build-up.