Overture 22

sound installation

duration 12.30 min, loop


On the 24th of February, my country started a terrible war. Many people including artists and my friends tried to oppose it in different ways. Social media were calling mothers to act against the war (again women have to fix another problem). This work came to me as a reflection on that call, but now it has become even more relevant to me, since the troop's call-up in Russia was announced on September 21. Today a large number of young men have fled for neighboring non-visa countries in order not to be a part of the nonsense disaster that this unwanted war is.


In the sound installation "Overture22," female voices of different ages call out male names. The voices call the names representing different situations and emotional contexts:


This is how we are called home for dinner;

for going out with a friend;

when we got lost or we lose someone in the woods;

we are warned of danger or when we make somebody upset;

tried to stop us from doing the wrong things,

wake us up...

We are called by our name with the hope that we would turn around, and wake up to hear the voice calling our name.